Morkie Stuff

January 27, 2010

Here is a post about morkies that I read on a morkie forum. For more information on morkies then see this morkie link

Hi. I recently bought a morkie. He’s 8 weeks old and I’m trying to potty train him. He pees on the pee pee pad most of the time but then sometimes he pees somewhere else. Why is that? Also, he wouldn’t poo on his pee pee pad so I would bring him outside but he wont do it there either. So I decided to put 2 pee pee pads and now my morkie poops on either one. Is it too soon to potty train the morkie? Also, he doesn’t go in his crate and cries when I leave him. What should I do with my morkie? Please help!!

This team should have read this article that shows how to potty train a morkie

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Hi everyone! my sister adopted two morkie puppies. They are both the same colour, and we are wondering what colour they will be when they grow up? (see attachment)
Does anyone have any info they could share?

To answer this question – Puppies, yes even morkie puppies, usually become the colours of their ears, or close to it.